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Bespoke Design & Manufacture

Our unique design is built to suit the needs of farmers and agricultural contractors. Lack of storage in the tractor cab can be an issue for operators. To solve the problem, we have come up with a practical solution to provide extra onboard storage.

Free-up space, carry all you need with you and save journeys back and forth to the farm to top-up.

Why Use a Compact Front Box? 

What makes our range of Compact Front Boxes different from most is that they are designed to attach to the front of tractors when the arms are folded up thereby reducing front overhang. They are also available to fit a tombstone.

The low-profile design provides for a good line of sight and excellent stability. The boxes also minimise the danger of carrying kit in the cab. By keeping heavy, metal or sharp objects stored safely away in a Compact Front Box, if you roll over, these items won't hit you and see you end up injured or worse.

As not all front linkages fold up in the same way, we have developed a range of brackets that are specific to different manufacturers. Our boxes and tractor attachments are available for any front linkage and can be painted to match manufacturers' colours or your personal preference.

The range is produced by JF Hudson Ltd which uses its 20 years of agricultural engineering skills to create solutions that make farming more efficient and profitable. The company's unique CAD n Cut bespoke design and build service offers farmers the custom-made products they need within modern agriculture.

A practical and safe storage solution

CFB Tombstone.jpg
What you can get inside a Compact Front Box.jpg

Tools & More

Our purpose-built build tractor Compact Front Boxes are ideal to carry:

Tool box

Grease gun

Baler string

Leaf blower

Fire extinguisher


Fuel and oils


Towing chain



We also offer bespoke solutions so if you have a specific need for your tractor attachment design and build, just ask.

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