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The Crop Roller Range

Our Crop Rollers have been developed with farmers and contractors to maximise production by allowing the crop to flow under the tractor easily and thus into the baler evenly. This results in consistent feed, less wear and tear on machinery and high forward speeds.

Compact Front Boxes and Crop Rollers are available for any front tractor linkage and can be painted to suit manufacturers' colours or your personal preference.  

We also offer bespoke solutions so if you have a specific need for your tractor attachment design and build, just ask.

Crop Roller in Rye.jpg

Crop Roller & Compact Box Combo

Getting a crop roller that earns its keep well past harvest time is now possible. Our dual-purpose attachment gives you a compact storage space to use all year round, plus a robust crop roller at harvest time.

The heavy-duty roller smoothly flattens crops, while the Compact Front Box provides somewhere to store enough essential extras such as twine and fuel to cover a full day in the field.

Why Use A Crop Roller?

The 1 Minute Answer Here!


Put together, you get kit to improve silage and baling quality, while cutting downtime and preventing stoppages that come with return trips to the farm for top-ups.

Crop Rollers are available 1.2m and 1.6m wide. Option of film carrier and net wrap carrier. Bespoke options available too.

The concave profile crop roller, with a toothed mid-section, is of heavy-duty construction and designed to compact the straw swaths left by today’s increasingly large combine headers, or large rowed-up grass swaths. While there are also some big tractors around now, they do not necessarily have any more under-belly clearance than some lower horsepower models and the roller avoids straw or conservation grass being dragged by the drawbar, axle, or any other projections under the tractor.

"It does a great job of pressing the crop down to even the feed and reduce the rye balling up under the tractor. That means I can get on and drive that bit faster too."

A compressed swath makes for a much more consistent feed into the baler or forage wagon, avoiding large clumps caused by crop drag. The roller has the weight to generate sufficient kinetic energy to maintain rotation when out of work on a normal headland turn, and therefore a smoother start on the next swath.

The roller’s operational height is variable by means of the tractor’s front linkage and its robust box section frame will nudge any bales out of the way if necessary.

Before and After Crop Roller.jpg

Optional Extras / Bespoke Boxes

Compact Front Boxes can be upgraded with many optional extras including LED lights, transport trolley, a spill box, or water tank and soap dispenser.  

Other options include a laser-cut nameplate or logo of the buyer's choice.

CFB Optional Extras 1.jpg
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