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Dual-Purpose Crop Roller and Compact Front Box

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Here's the latest addition to the range - the Compact Front Box and Crop Roller. It is a design that offers year-round value to operators because you get a front-mounted storage box that can be fitted with a detachable crop roller too. Out of season you can store the Crop Roller but keep putting the Compact Front Box to work.

The concave profile crop roller, with a toothed mid-section, is of heavy-duty construction and designed to compact the straw swaths left by today’s increasingly large combine headers, or large rowed-up grass swaths. While there are also some big tractors around now, they do not necessarily have any more under-belly clearance than some lower horsepower models and the roller avoids straw or conservation grass being dragged by the drawbar, axle, or any other projections under the tractor.

"It does a great job of pressing the crop down to even the feed and reduce the rye balling up under the tractor. That means I can get on and drive that bit faster too."

A compressed swath makes for a much more consistent feed into the baler or forage wagon, avoiding large clumps caused by crop drag. The roller has the weight to generate sufficient kinetic energy to maintain rotation when out of work on a normal headland turn, and therefore a smoother start on the next swath.

Why Use A Crop Roller? The 1 minute Answer!

In the UK we use hitches that reduce the clearance under the tractor, most European tractors don't have this. They can reduce your clearance for the straw to go into the tractor by a good five inches. Let's take a quick look at the tractor hitch to see why a Crop Roller can solve that problem...

Hence the reason for Crop Rollers!

The roller’s operational height is variable by means of the tractor’s front linkage and its robust box section frame will nudge any bales out of the way if necessary.

The heavy-duty roller smoothly flattens crops, while the Compact Front Box provides somewhere to store enough essentials such as twine and fuel to cover a full day in the field.

Arable farmers and contractors will know the value of saving themselves the time and hassle of running to and from the farm. On a big day you want somewhere to carry those extras to finish a job so you’re not having to stop and go back, or wait for someone to bring it to you.

Either component can be used independently and both can be fitted to any tractor front linkage. Crop rollers are available in 1.2m and 1.6m widths and the front boxes are designed to be used with the linkage folded up, thereby minimising forward protrusion. Their low profile also improves the driver’s line of sight.

Both the rollers and boxes can be custom-painted. Optional extras and bespoke requests are also available - just let us know what you're after. You can see our Crop Roller & Compact Front Box duo in action on the Gallery page here and on our YouTube channel here.

Most crop rollers can only be used when baling. A good part of the year they will be sat doing nothing. If you’re going to invest in a machine you want to be putting your money into something you can get as much use out of as possible. Our new design offers great value as it can be used all year round.

To order or for more information get in touch.

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