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Wrap and Twine

The CFB Wrap and Twine means you have extra storage for wrap and twine whilst being easy to load and with the additional advantage of not extending in front of the tractor further than nessecary.

CFB Wrap and Twine are available for any front tractor linkage and can be painted to suit manufacturers' colours or your personal preference.  

We also offer bespoke solutions so if you have a specific need for your tractor attachment design and build, just ask.

Wrap & Twine Compact Box

Time and operational delays at silage and baling season add up to lost profits. Carry all you need to keep operations moving and make the most of your time out in the field.

Easy to load when lowered on linkage. Designed specifically for quick top-ups and changes, rolls easily slide off the prongs. The Wrap, Twine & Net Compact Front Box is straightforward to attach to a tractor front linkage.

Whether making round or square bales of hay, straw, haylage or silage, the attachment holds rolls of film and twine or a combination of both.


Available sizes:

6 rolls of wrap or 4 rolls of twine

8 rolls of wrap or 6 rolls of twine

10 rolls of wrap or 8 rolls of twine

12 rolls of wrap or 10 rolls of twine

CFB wrap and twine frontal 1.jpg

Compact Box with Safety Wings

A Compact Box with safety wings offers maximum visibility when out on the road to help protect both the safety of other road users and the tractor operator.

The safety wings help other drivers to gauge how wide the vehicle coming towards them is, again helping to protect their and your own safety.

Three sizes of safety wings are available dependent on wheel size and wheel spacing. The reflective panel and LED outer marker lights come as standard.

Can be retrofitted to both Standard and HD Compact Front Boxes.

Available in small, medium or large.

Compact Front Box with Tractor Safety Wings on road

Optional Extras / Bespoke Boxes

Compact Front Boxes can be upgraded with many optional extras including LED lights, transport trolley, a spill box, or water tank and soap dispenser.  

Other options include a laser-cut nameplate or logo of the buyer's choice.

CFB Optional Extras 1.jpg
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