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Safety Wings for Compact Front Boxes

To order safety wings only, contact us using the form at the bottom of the Home page here


A Compact Box with safety wings offers maximum visibility when out on the road to help protect both the safety of other road users and the tractor operator.  Safety wings help other drivers to gauge how wide the vehicle coming towards them is, again helping to protect their and your own safety.

Three sizes of safety wings are available dependent on wheel size and wheel spacing. The reflective panel and LED outer marker lights come as standard.


​Wings can also be retrofitted to both Standard and HD Compact Front Boxes. Enquire for further details.


Sizes are as follows:


  • Small - Adds 27cm to each side
  • Medium - Adds 37 cm to each side
  • Large - Adds 47 cm to each side


Safety wings are available to add as an Optional Extra on Standard, HD and Weighted Compact Front Boxes, plus the Wrap & Twine attachment.


Safety Wings for Compact Front Boxes

  • The product is available as the following options:

    • Standard or HD Compact Front Box with safety wings
    • Wings only to fit to an existing standard or HD Compact Front Box.
  • Please find our policy covering Returns and Refunds in section 12 of our Terms & Conditions for Sale of Goods here.

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