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The Compact Front Box Difference!

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

What makes our range of Compact Front Boxes different from most tractor boxes is that ours are designed to attach to the front of tractors when the arms are folded up thereby reducing front overhang.

What difference does this make? Quite a lot - a 40cm difference as you can see for yourself in the short video below.

Here I demonstrate our Compact Front Box attachments compared to how most equipment attaches to a tractor i.e. the front linkage arm down and the top link making for a lot of unnecessary wasted space.

Our unique design ensures that Compact Front Boxes neatly tuck into the tractor. The low-profile design provides for a good line of sight and excellent stability. This design feature is to help protect both the safety of the tractor operator and other road users.

As not all front linkages fold up in the same way, we have developed a range of brackets that are specific to different manufacturers. Our boxes and tractor attachments are available for any front linkage. Compact Front Boxes are also available to fit a Tombstone.

To order a box for your tractor get clicking the link below!

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